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A mood project




A Mood Project, aka AMP, release an epic 2nd album on Elastica records.

Sin is the natural evolution of the sound of  this italian emerging producer,

born with Change EP, Sin is a journey inside human nature, Sin is the mystic side of the listener that guides him to a more clear vision of his path through caleidoscopic FX, deep atmospheres, electro touch, and a dancefloor climax, bringing also to his ears powerful basses and melodic arrangements mixed in a sound cream with a new flavour that tastes very wide and fresh.

Freedom vibes start from deep sound, use of percussions and flutes reminds something of ancestral, explosive sounds in the central part do the rest.

Error is a mix of typical features from other musical genres, a mental song

very dynamic and melodic, while Justice moves the sound to dance environment and club atmospheres. The initial 128 BPM of this song evolves in a perfect final dubstep part that closes the circle. It is the most direct track of the four with a groove and power pulse primed for the peak hours.

Track names along with the title and a beautiful artwork give a biblic appereance to the record completed with the magistral use of vocal samples on the final track, a masterpiece dub with a wide use of reverb and delays.

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