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Beautiful Zion’, is a deep conscious tune where old and modern reggae style are mixed in a proper way to lead the listeners straight into the vibes.
 There are some elements typical of the dub style like the straight kick and the snare marching into the rythm, smooth melodies played by the guitars and a persistent bassline that add a dancing groove to the tune.

On the instrumental version, a rich horns section paints harmonies hypnotizing and bouncing the listeners into a roots silky dimension, enriching the production with the amazing dynamism of this celestial instruments.
 The militant lyrics of the uprising italian-senegalese singer Galas, fill in the melody and bring a proper Rasta message narrating his point of view on repatriation.

The tune is produced and mixed by Fahbro ( for Psalm Collective, mastered by Davide Saggioro at Wise Mastering ( featuring some italian great musicians like Michele Manzo on the bassline, Jake on the guitars and Brothermartino on the horns section.



USA department:

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