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FILOQ producer, dj and sound explorer, perpetually traveling from the port of Genoa to the world, developing his sonic research between global beats, jazz and electronic music, he melts traditional music from all over the world with digital beats in a swirling cut and sew; dubmaster of Istituto Italiano di Cumbia headed by Davide Toffolo from Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti (Malagiunta and Sonora Maddalena producer), sound mind of Magellano project, sound designer of the big open air street art gallery ’Walk the Line’, artistic producer of Escobar, Mudimbi, Luvanor FC, Mimosa and many others, talent scout, remixer and sound designer for images, installations and brands. Last year JazzCrash was released, for its 100000BPM label, an album of samples, made by cutting and manipulating old and new sounds, drums, winds, voices, rustles, created by sampling musicians recorded in the last editions of Torino Jazz Festival inside the mobile studio delt by Pisti and called Fringe in The Box. After more than a year on tour, after sharing the stage with artists like Clap! Clap !, Snarky Puppies, Lorenzo BITW, Com Truise, Godblesscomputers and Populous, FILOQ album also came out in its remix version, it will be released soon on DoubleU label with several new collaborations, He performed a preview version of his next work at Zones Portuaires Festival in Genoa, a first fragment of his new album whose theme is the sailors of the world songs. He is currently collaborating in Almamegretta upcoming album.


KARATE PRIEST - Magic edit music made by tired humans.

First release of POL100, or Paolo Maiarelli, a young producer from Ferrara. The album includes seven tracks born in a small homestudio, from a sampler, a synth and a computer. A collection of songs that weaves hypnotic, organic and esoteric sounds, mixing tribal rhythms, bass and powerful batteries. Another fine Day is the name of the track from which the sample of Kalimba comes, modified and often distorted, used and adapted with fresh intuition in all seven tracks to create a range of different but consistent atmospheres. A research work characterized by innovative and airy melancholy sounds, in contrast to the release title. Each song has been edited by the sound engineer Edoardo Elliot.

A Tunes of pure drum'n'bass. Nuclearchild returns with a piece of pure energy. In the voice there is Theacher Mike; African/American dancehall artist. His mission is to collaborate with musicians from all over the world.

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